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What is Atheist Volunteers?

"Doing good for goodness' sake" - DC Atheists distribute sweatshirts to those in need.

On the 67th Anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7th 2008 a small group of about a dozen dedicated activists, or more to the point Atheists, Agnostics, and Secular Humanists got together in Dupont Circle park in our Nation's Capital to kick off a larger effort to reach out to the homeless community, as well as other community service related projects in the future such as blood drives and bone marrow donations. On this day sweaters were handed out to the homeless community that were donated by American Atheists Inc., and these particular sweaters honored the Atheistic, Agnostic, and Secular Humanistic men and women who currently serve in the United States Armed Forces, and those similar men and women who have died on the field of battle protecting our rights as American Citizens. Specifically the sweaters had an American Flag front and center with the inscription "Atheists in Foxholes". As we all know many of the men and women who make up our nation's homeless population are military vets. Adorned on the front of the canopy the group set up was a large sign donated by the American Humanist Association which was part of a larger, very successful ad campaign that stated "Why believe in a god? Just be good for goodness' sake". The group of activists also handed out festive packets tied together with brightly colored ribbons and topped with a decorative bow that contained a special Holiday message, along with information about local and national Atheist, Agnostic, and Secular Humanist groups. In all 50 plus sweaters were handed out along with 100 plus information packets.

This article was written by Jeff Wismer; Jeff is responsible for organizing this event. Pictures are available here.

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Atheist Good Deed Recorder

If you would like to log your good deeds, in addition to responding to this post with a comment, you can log them here....

The Atheist Good Deed Recorder

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Jcravens42 from Coyote Communications offers advice...

This information is being featured on this site to make it easier for atheist volunteers to find info. Jcravens42 has posted info on charities we might want to work with as atheist volunteers, here is the thread.

Howdy. I joined the Rational Responders network specifically to provide any support I can regarding volunteerism to atheists who want to make a difference in causes they believe in. With the increasing popularity and promotion of faith-based community action, I think atheists can feel left out, and they shouldn't; we have values and passions, and we want to give back to our communities just as much as anyone.

So, for my first post to the group, I will start with a list of web sites that list volunteering opportunities in the USA:




Network for Good,


There's also your local volunteer center; you can find this via the Points of Light Foundation web site,

There's also this government sponsored site, which provides volunteer positions through USA federal land agencies like Fish & Wildlife, Forest Service, National Parks, etc.

If you want to be a volunteer to help with the consequences of a natural disaster, such as Hurricane Katrina, you need to register and prepare NOW. Here's a web site where you can register and start your preparation so that you can help the next time disaster strikes:

 I would be interested to hear any of your stories about volunteering -- why you do it, what you have enjoyed, etc. -- and if you have ever faced any problems volunteering because of your atheism. 

 You can read more about me via my web site

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Supporting a contributor to

We are helping to raise money for Luci, an author at For those of you that have not heard yet, her son faces deportation for something that is extremely stupid. No, he is not an illegal. Please read the post to understand the background of what is going on.

We are raising funds for her so that she can afford representation for her son who faces deportation. People have already asked to donate funds to her for that purpose, so we have the widget you see to the right set up to collect funds for for her. All funds will be directly placed into Luci’s PayPal account upon submission.

From Luci~

The funds will be appropriated for legal fees and expenses related to prevention of Erhard being deported.

We have retained an immigration lawyer at $200 per hour. Practice Areas: Labor and Employment Law (Maritime and Airline Labor Law); Immigration and Naturalization Law; Commercial Litigation, Grievances, Mediation and Arbitration; Corporate, Insurance and Administrative Law; Contract Negotiation and Interpretation; Representation Disputes Before the National Mediation Board; Utility and Trade Association Law.
Mr Meltz regards this matter as extremely serious and urgent. He will analyze the situation and present us with options.
We have our first phone conference scheduled for Wednesday,Dec 26.

Please help as you can. I know that the holidays tend to drain the wallets of everyone but anything you can do will help. We have set a goal of $5,000. I know that this is only a fraction of what may be needed, but it is just a goal. If we meet it, we can go beyond that figure. Thank you for your support.

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Atheists for Autism - Sept. 15th in Philly!!

A message from a friend of ours. Please check out his site devoted to helping understand autism:

Hi, my name is Staks Rosch and I run a web site called And while it is important to me to help show that atheists care about people and are willing to donate time and money for charitable causes, that isn't the reason why I put this site together. My niece, Samara Klein is four and a half years old and has autism. My sister and her husband are doing everything they can for Samara, but she still isn't potty trained and can barely talk. However, over the last year, Samara has started to make some progress. This is in part because of the research being done on autism and some of Samara's dietary changes that were a result of that research. Science isn't sure what causes autism yet and no one is sure how best to treat it. Your help in joining this effort can make the difference for my niece and many others.
You can also get an Atheists for Autism Research shirt for autism walks at cost from

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Operation Foxhole Atheists!


Need Your Help and Support!

September 22nd is our first shipment in support of foxhole atheists.
We will continue to add names and send out more packages.
Check back in for updates!

Blair Scott, the Alabama State Director for American Atheists and the North Alabama Freethought
Association (NAFA) are putting together care packages for atheist soldiers stationed in Iraq/Afghanistan.
This event is called OPERATION FOXHOLE

OFA started after hearing about several atheist soldiers in Iraq that attempted to start a group at their Forward
Operating Base (FOB). They were harassed by a major that threatened to go after them with the UCMJ (Uniform Code of
Military Justice). The soldiers did not violate the UCMJ at all. In fact, the major, by misusing his rank to harass
the soldiers and try to trump their attempt to exercise their right in the military to the freedom of religion,
violated the UCMJ directly.

We, as most American citizens should be, were deeply upset by this turn of events. We decided to help these soldiers
by showing our support and sending them care packages and letters of support. That small initial event has now turned
into a national effort to help support any atheist in the foxhole. OFA will send these soldiers care packages with
needs and wants, as well as supporting letters from around the nation. But OFA needs your help!

* Donate goods at any upcoming NAFA event or via postal mail.

* Donate money to help purchase goods and pay for shipping costs.

* Send letters and cards to OFA to be forwarded to foxhole atheists.

* Tell us about foxhole atheists so they can receive care packages from OFA.

Please help OFA support foxhole atheists. No matter what your views may be concerning the war in Iraq or Afghanistan,
it is clear that politicians are the problem: not the soldiers. Let these foxhole atheists know we care about them.
Sending the foxhole atheists packages of hard-to-find items and letters and cards with words of comfort and support
will help make their time in the war zone feel a little more like home. These soldiers go day-to-day without praying
to any of the man-made gods. They get their comfort from reality, and from people like you that care.

Due to sensitivity for the privacy of our foxhole atheists, to reduce the risk of physical harm, and to maintain
Operational Security (OpSec), the names, addresses, and specific FOB of the foxhole atheists will not be disclosed
to the public.


Send an email with the rank, name, and address to:
Yvonne Muniz
Coordinator, Operation Foxhole Atheists.
Assistant Organizer, NAFA

Donate goods at any upcoming NAFA event.
Send goods via postal mail. DO NOT use UPS or FedEx, use the US Postal Service only.
Operation Foxhole Atheists
Ryland, AL 35767-2000

Donate cash at any upcoming NAFA event.
Donate via PayPal by going to NAFA's website:

Because we do not have an EIN from the IRS, we cannot accept checks or money orders written to OFA. If you are
comfortable writing a money order or cashier's check (no personal checks please) out to an individual that will
transfer the money to OFA, please contact Yvonne Muniz, Coordinator, Operation Foxhole Atheists.

Operation Foxhole Atheists
Ryland, AL 35767-2000

For press inquiries, please contact Blair Scott
Alabama State Director, American Atheists.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (256) 513-5877

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Can atheists help sponsor refugee children? It's time to find out

Ever diligent, EARTHWARD has supplied Atheist Volunteers with a new update of their plans for the Okello family:

EARTHWARD has been working to restore a family of Ugandan refugees fleeing attacks by the Lord's Resistance Army to full self-sufficiency. Donations thus far have been largely consumed by their immediate needs, such as food, water and medicine, Unfortunately,little has been left over for the more long term goals of relocating them to a safer area, and helping them re-acquire a means of earning their own livelihood. In order to accelerate progress in this area, we have launched a sponsorship program. The program is similar to some offered by certain religious organizations, with the exceptions that it is equally available to all, regardless of religion, or lack thereof, and that we do not proselytize to the sponsored children,
nor their families. Perhaps you have considered sponsoring a child before, but did not want any part of your donations used for religious indoctrination. Here is an opportunity for two familiesof diverse cultures and circumstances, to learn from each other.
For details of the plan, please see:

Also, please read the details of this families tragic ordeal at:

It is our hope that the sponsorship program will cover most, if not all of the family's immediate needs, so that other donations can be devoted to the longer term goals. If the program is successful, it may be expanded to include other children in similar circum- stances, in the future. Please contact [email protected] if you would be interested in sponsoring one of these children, or if you have any questions.

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Rich Rodriguez has started a site with news concerning charitable efforts throughout the world.

Rich's tagline for the site says it all in my opinion:
"Hands that help are far better than lips that pray"

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Nigerian family victim of witch hunt by Christian mob

EARTHWARD has a new project. Here are the details:

"In our overcrowded world, it is not uncommon to have neighbors who, at times, may try our patience. Perhaps they party 'til the wee hours of the morning, or turn their dogs loose to fertilize our lawns. Most of us, however, probably have little cause for concern that our neighbors might attack our home and attempt to lynch us and burn us alive.

That is exactly what happened to the Kasali* family in February 2007. A mob of Christian youths from their village in Nigeria, who had somehow come to the conclusion that the Kasalis* were witches, descended upon their home, destroying everything in their path, and beat Mr. Kasali* severely on the head.

If not for prompt intervention by the traditional ruler of the village (who is coincidentally the Chair of our affiliate, Nigerian Humanist Movement) and local police, the family's school-age children would undoubtedly now be orphans. The mob had intended to hang the parents, and burn them with gasoline and rubber tires. Though the Kasalis* narrowly escaped death, their family now faces a serious threat to their livelihood. Mr. Kasali* has had to discontinue his regular work, due to his injuries and the need to make emergency repairs to the roof of his house, which was seriously damaged in the attack. So far, the family has barely survived by selling fruit from trees on their property. Unfortunately, most of those trees were also destroyed by the attackers.

With your help, we would like to help this family recover their losses, and resume a normal and self-sufficient life. Please contribute to the Kasalis* recovery if you can. For the duration of the project to restore the Kasali* family to self-sufficiency, they will have priority for any donations you make to our Nigeria Fund. If donations exceed the amount needed by this family, second priority will be for other families and individuals, in Africa, facing similar circumstances."

Earth's Atheist Resistance To Holy Wars And Religious Devastation

EARTHWARD is a nonprofit, nonpolitical, nonmembership public-benefit charity organization that provides humanitarian relief aid to civilian victims of religiously motivated violence ranging from acts of violence by individual extremists or terrorist organizations that claim religious justification for their actions to full-scale holy wars waged by religiously dominated governments.

Typically, aid is provided in a form dictated by the particular needs of the victims. Some examples are food, water, temporary shelter and medical supplies.

It should not be misconstrued that our aid in any way constitutes endorsement of the political, religious or ideological views of recipient victims, or condemnation of those of their assailants. We do, however, vigorously oppose violent means of achieving any objective and emphatically reject any attempts to justify such violent actions on religious grounds.

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Atheist Blood Drive

The blood drive in May of 2007 was a huge success. So succesful in fact, that we've decided that blood drive is every day. Continue to give blood!

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