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As the head of Atheist Volunteers, I would like to welcome you to our site!

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Atheism is on the verge of a new push towards the public spotlight. There is a lot of ignorance and misinformation out there. We at the Rational Response Squad want to provide a clear, intuitively moral presence in the philanthropic arena that seeks to influence the public view on atheists. There is a huge misconception that atheists are something like moral anarchists, and they have no desire for good. Something such as volunteering is what people can identify as universally good, and will challenge those who ignorantly assume that all atheists are immoral. Importantly too, it will help connect curious people to atheist charities around the world.

We constantly hear the ridiculous claim even though we have scientific statistics on our side to prove quite the contrary. Since theists don't want to embrace the science, maybe they'll get the message clearer if they can actually see us at work, doing good as atheists, not just as people (which has been our preferred method of charity in the past).

This is a longterm project for us, look forward to us to break the mold, and to engage in a variety of charitable causes. And we'll want your involvement!

If you're a fan of this idea and want to share your input, or have ideas to help show the world how giving and caring we really are, please contact us through the "Contact us" link on the menu to the left.

Here are some things we're thinking about:

* We'll have shirts for our activities in public like "Atheist Volunteer" and "I do good things, and I don't believe in a God"
* Donation drives to assist in helping victims of natural disasters
* Engaging in environmental cleanups
* Hands on assistance for natural disasters.
* Clothing drives and toy drives for the needy
* Assistance at homeless shelters
* As we grow in size and find the right people, we want to go to impoverished nations to assist (hands on).
* All of our charity work will be tracked, records kept, pictures taken and available permanently for viewing.

Submitted by Tomcat on Fri, 2007-02-02 19:42.