Atheist man gives out Christmas gifts in Guyana dressed as Santa Claus

A long time fan/member of The Rational Response Squad community wrote to me recently to tell me about a particularly fulfilling charitable event that he participates in. Jeffrick (as he goes by on RRS) married Sally 25 years ago. His wife was born and raised in Guyana. After her sister died of a heart attack 7 years ago the 6 remaining sisters set up the Forever 7 Foundation. The charity provides food hampers to needy familys and a full out Christmas party with Santa and presents for their children. The charity even pays the taxi fare for familys to attend to and from the event.

Why Guyana? The sisters are doing it for their hometown, they grew up in a wooden shack, similar to the ones you see in the video below. The cost of this charity is 100% covered by Jeffrick and his wife's family. In fact if you try to donate, Jeffrick will send the check back.

As you'll see in the video below, the atheist Santa is helping to make a small village of Guyanese children very happy. He takes particular pleasure in this moment. The children he gives the gifts to are Hindu and Muslim and they don't regard Christmas as a religious holiday. Jeffrick has particular fun in enjoying "Christmas with all the good stuff and none of the nonsense."

Kudos to you Jeffrick for your kind humanitarian nature. You remind us that atheists do good things directly under religions nose.

Jeffrick posted about his charity at RRS.

Submitted by Sapient on Wed, 2014-01-15 11:18.