Oklahoma Tornado Relief

Here are the links for fundraisers that will help Oklahoma Tornado victims without religion. Such horrible natural disasters remind us that there is no god that has the power or care to stop and that prayer is a waste of time and energy. We can do something, or we can pray, it's up to us.

Foundation Beyond Belief is fundraising:

"At 3:01 pm CT on May 20, a massive F-4 tornado decimated the Oklahoma City suburb of Moore, OK. Scores of severe injuries and deaths have been reported, and intense work is under way to find and rescue those trapped in the rubble.

The Humanist Crisis Response program of Foundation Beyond Belief has opened a donation drive in response to this disaster. Our staff worked through the night to assess the disaster situation and the relief organizations responding. This morning we have selected Operation USA and the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma to receive our donations. These organizations were chosen for their long records of outstanding work, their high ratings and transparency, and their current direct work in the disaster zone addressing the primary needs of food, shelter, and medical aid."

We are atheism is fundraising:

"This one hits close to home. We are headquartered in Shawnee, KS, about 4.5 hours northeast of Moore, OK. We’ve seen tornadoes. We know people that lived through the Joplin, MO tornadoes. We know people whose homes have been devastated by violent storms. What happened outside of Oklahoma City is nothing short of a natural disaster.
People have died, children gone, families ripped apart. At this time, others can pray if they want, but we want to help. These families and the citizens left there with no homes, will need help. We know the Red Cross is on hand. They serve a great purpose. However, a lot of their funds go to pay overhead. With us, your money goes right to those that need help. So, if you want to give money where you know it will go directly to someone in need, and NOT go through a religious source, then consider giving to Atheists Giving Aid. Whatever you can financially spare will allow our organization to get lives back to normal."

Submitted by Sapient on Tue, 2013-05-21 23:15.