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We are helping to raise money for Luci, an author at For those of you that have not heard yet, her son faces deportation for something that is extremely stupid. No, he is not an illegal. Please read the post to understand the background of what is going on.

We are raising funds for her so that she can afford representation for her son who faces deportation. People have already asked to donate funds to her for that purpose, so we have the widget you see to the right set up to collect funds for for her. All funds will be directly placed into Luci’s PayPal account upon submission.

From Luci~

The funds will be appropriated for legal fees and expenses related to prevention of Erhard being deported.

We have retained an immigration lawyer at $200 per hour. Practice Areas: Labor and Employment Law (Maritime and Airline Labor Law); Immigration and Naturalization Law; Commercial Litigation, Grievances, Mediation and Arbitration; Corporate, Insurance and Administrative Law; Contract Negotiation and Interpretation; Representation Disputes Before the National Mediation Board; Utility and Trade Association Law.
Mr Meltz regards this matter as extremely serious and urgent. He will analyze the situation and present us with options.
We have our first phone conference scheduled for Wednesday,Dec 26.

Please help as you can. I know that the holidays tend to drain the wallets of everyone but anything you can do will help. We have set a goal of $5,000. I know that this is only a fraction of what may be needed, but it is just a goal. If we meet it, we can go beyond that figure. Thank you for your support.

Submitted by Sapient on Mon, 2008-01-14 09:21.