Atheists for Autism - Sept. 15th in Philly!!

A message from a friend of ours. Please check out his site devoted to helping understand autism:

Hi, my name is Staks Rosch and I run a web site called And while it is important to me to help show that atheists care about people and are willing to donate time and money for charitable causes, that isn't the reason why I put this site together. My niece, Samara Klein is four and a half years old and has autism. My sister and her husband are doing everything they can for Samara, but she still isn't potty trained and can barely talk. However, over the last year, Samara has started to make some progress. This is in part because of the research being done on autism and some of Samara's dietary changes that were a result of that research. Science isn't sure what causes autism yet and no one is sure how best to treat it. Your help in joining this effort can make the difference for my niece and many others.
You can also get an Atheists for Autism Research shirt for autism walks at cost from

Submitted by Tomcat on Thu, 2007-09-06 16:26.