Two receive death sentence for adultery

An URGENT message from out affiliate, EARTHWARD

Two receive death sentence for adultery, to be carried out soon. ACT NOW!!!

An Iranian man and woman have committed the atrocious "crime" of conceiving a child out of wedlock. Since that heinous act, they have been allowed to live in prison for the past eleven years, but finally they will receive the justice they deserve. Two deep pits have already been dug, where they will be buried up to their necks, while their heads are pelted with heavy stones until they are dead. Justice will be served, right? You don't agree? Then do something about it NOW, before it's too late. Sign this petition. Send letters to Iranian officials and contact your local Iranian embassy. Do whatever you can to help save these individuals from an excruciating death, for a victimless "crime". We at EARTHWARD are appalled at a system that condemns those who commit such minor transgressions to horrific deaths, while extolling those who murder thousands of innocent victims as heroes and martyrs. There has been some delay in carrying out this sentence, which was originally scheduled for June 21, but we do not know how long.

Please read the full story here, and take action to help avert this travesty of justice NOW!

Submitted by Tomcat on Wed, 2007-06-27 21:33.